Saturday, September 1, 2007

Yet another reason why Moslem women need Moschiach too!

Egyptian man forces his wife to be circumcised
Associated Press , THE JERUSALEM POST
Sep. 1, 2007

An Egyptian man forced his 20-year-old wife to be circumcised after a year of marriage, resulting in her hospitalization for acute bleeding, the state-run news agency reported Saturday.
According to the police commissioner of the Cairo's gritty northern suburb of Shubra el-Kheima cited by the Middle East News Agency, a dispute erupted between Shaaban el-Menshawi and his wife because she had never been circumcised, a once common operation in Egypt that has since been banned by the government.
When her husband started beating her, Ashgan Riyadh Abdelati fled to her mother's house. Once there, however, her mother brought in a doctor to conduct the illegal operation on the spot, said the news report.

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Peregrine John said...

I cannot describe the sort of sadness, rage and revulsion this sort of thing brings to me. So I won't try.

However, I really wish people would stop referring to the vile procedure as "circumcision", since it is functionally similar to emasculation. To call it circumcision is a damnable euphemism, a disgusting attempt at moral equivalency.