Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The End isn't Near, It's HERE

It's obvious to anyone with eyes to see on the ground here in Jerusalem that THIS IS IT. We're in it, Geula is upon us and we should lift up our eyes because our redemption is near.
Is the shit hitting the proverbial fan in your life? In the lives of people around you? Has "crisis" become a commonplace and constant feature in your daily existence? As on Earth, so in Heaven - and conversely, even more so.
So how does this affect daily life in the Holy City, the place we call Jerusalem, Israel? We who dwell here look at each other with knowing eyes. You who dwell without can only see us on TV, read our blogs, listen to uninformed talking heads discuss us in the press. You can't see anything, and you know less than nothing. We, however, are going into this with Eyes Wide Open on one hand, and Eyes Shut Tight on the other. For you see, there's always Another Hand...especially here, especially now.
Every soul that has ever been born before is rushing back for the Final Act, we're all here and we're all now and the stage is set...
(enter Bugs Bunny with a cane, in top hat and tails)
Overture! Hit the Lights!
This is It! The Night of Nights!
No more rehearsing, rehearsing of parts ... we know every part by heart!
And oh what heights we'll hit -
On with the Show! This is IT!

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