Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Cup of God's Wrath is Full - but is it a "C-Cup?"

Today on Ben Yehuda Street (the main shopping and hanging out area in Central Jerusalem), a white-haired self-styled preacher (pictured) who was apparently overcome with "Jerusalem Syndrome" (an internationally-recognized psychiatric disorder manifesting as delusions of Biblical identity which overtakes tourists and pilgrims on a regular basis here), shouted (in an American accent that can best be described as "cracker") to the perplexed crowd:

"The cup of God's wrath is full! The cup is full to overflowing! The cup of His anger is full and it's going to overflow all over this street!"

Unfortunately, the spot he chose to deliver his diatribe was directly in front of the "Women Only" store (click on the picture to read the sign:) "C-Cup and Up."

The Israelis who stood by and politely tried to listen to what he was saying murmured between themselves in Hebrew - "Mah Kos?" ("What cup?") "Kos gadol?" ("Big cup?") The general impression among the Hebrew-speaking crowd was that this preacher felt that God was irate about big breasts ("C-Cup and Up!") and that the wrath of the Almighty was upon women who require...special support, as it were.

Now, everybody knows that the Almighty loves C-Cup and Up women so much that the Name He revealed Himself to Abraham as was "El Shaddai," which can be interpreted as "The Breasted One." Analogies to the Nation of Israel being fed from ample breasts are so common throughout Biblical texts as to be common-place. Additionally, several male members of the Israeli government itself (including President Moshe Katsav) are currently under indictment for being far too enthusiastic about women's breasts. So there is clearly no theological, exegetical or sociological reason for this guy to imply that C-Cup and Up breasts are objects of God's wrath!

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Erin said...

lol, I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog entry today. TOO FUNNY!

-Erin in Colorado, 38DD