Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Beit El Rocks - literally!

I went to Beit El today to visit the studios of Israel National Radio ("Arutz Sheva") and spent some quality time with Malkah and Yishai Fleisher. Not only are the Fleishers radio talk show hosts, producers, activists, pioneers and ardent Religious Zionists, they are also the founders of Kumah, the genesis of the Neo-Zionism movement today. If that wasn't enough, they also know how to throw an impromtu pizza party at their home on the edge of a beautiful hillside in the Judean Hills - Beit El, the place our Patriarch Jacob - Yaakov Avinu - dreamed a dream ...
"Jacob dreamed: There was a ladder with angels ascending and descending.... And Jacob awoke from his sleep and he said, Indeed The Lord is in this place and I did not know. And he was filled with awe, and he said: How awesome is this place, this is none other than the House of God and this is the gateway to Heaven" (Genesis 28 vv.11 & 16-17).
Listen to the show we taped on June 19th at under the Yishai and Friends show entitled "MIRVS Get On Nerves" with Malka Fleisher. Totally fun and inspiring to see what's going on in Beit El, where real people are leading real lives despite the reality that their own government would prefer to give their homes and land away to terrorists that want to kill them.

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