Saturday, June 2, 2007

Golan Heights!

Our Tyule ("field trip") took us to Tzfat in northern Israel to visit our friends Moshe Tov and Gavi ("The Center for Healthy Living"), who took us to a great spot in the Golan Heights known as "The Officers Pool", part of the Banyas, a beautiful, lush archeological site at the foot of Mount Hermon. The river Hermon, the eastern tributary of the Jordan River, is born here and spills out into luscious waterfalls, delicious grottos and refreshing pools.
The Officers Pools is where the Syrian Officers used to bathe when the Golan was possessed by the Syrians from 1948-1967. The pool was built on ancient foundations, and the hot springs of Ein Khilo bubble up inside the pool.
After what can only be described as a journey akin to "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" (as we were detained en route by an Israeli Police Officer for something having to do with the difference between a dashed white line and a solid white line and the protocol for passing lanes), we were VERY grateful and happy to arrive at the Officers Pool and enjoy a time of cool refreshing water and the incredible beauty of the Golan.

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