Friday, July 20, 2007

Dig that Temple Mount, man!

This would be a good time to pray that the illegal destructive digging the Moslem Wakf is doing on the Temple Mount results in a complete cave-in of the Dome of the Rock so we can rush in with our pre-fabricated Holy Temple and build!
The Temple Institute reports:
On the Eve of the Fast of the 9th of Av, 1937 Years after the Destruction of the Holy Temple at the Hands of the Roman Invaders, the Destruction Continues!Workers under the direction of the Moslem Wakf have dug a trench two meters deep and eighty meters long (2.5 feet x 87 yards) on the Temple Mount.
Ostensibly, this excavation has been carried out in order to lay down electrical cables. However, the Israel Antiquities Authority, charged by Israeli law with the important responsibility of overseeing all work at archaeological sites, is turning a blind eye. The turning of this blind eye, it would seem, is the government of Israel's policy concerning Moslem destruction of Jewish artifacts on the Temple Mount. The IAA supervises every other archaeologically-sensitive area in the country with great scrutiny. Why are the Israeli police on the Temple Mount physically preventing concerned archaeologists from assessing the damage being done? These archaeologists have been able to ascertain, even from a distance of many meters, that irreparable damage to ancient structures is being caused by this unsupervised and illegal excavation. How could it be otherwise? The trench being dug stretches from the location of the great altar to the Sanctuary itself!

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