Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Judy Tradition Lives On!

The esteemed Rabbi Neal from NYC is the first "mule" from the U.S. on behalf of The Judith H. Wachtel Travel & Hospitality Relief Fund - bringing Dove Unscented Soap for Sensitive Skin (bar version of course), zip-lock baggies and Swiffers all the way from NYC to me in Jerusalem.

The Judith H. Wachtel Travel & Hospitality Relief Fund was named for the late, great, adventurous, beloved and much-missed Judy Wachtel, mother of my best friend Amy.
Judy began it all by being the first to schlep important things we needed in Israel when Amy & I lived as teenagers in Jerusalem - such vital, life-saving personal care items such as Herbal Essence shampoo and other then-impossible-to-get toiletries!

Although much has changed in Israel since we were 18 (toilet paper: much better; traffic: much worse) one thing remains the same - there are certain items that need to be...shall we say, imported?
ANYONE coming to Israel from the U.S. who has: A) a heart, B) one inch of room in their luggage and/or C) a sense of humor, please contact me via email ( and you will be put in touch with either the East Coast or West Coast representatives of the Judith H. Wachtel Travel & Hospitality Relief Fund and you will be asked to become a "mule" - bringing VERY IMPORTANT items for ME from the U.S.!
Judy would be proud of you for doing this kind of a mitzvah! :)

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Amy said...

this is such a beautiful tribute to my mother. and since she loved the land of Israel so dearly, this is a perfect way of honoring her neshama. give thanks!