Sunday, August 19, 2007

Musical Road Trip Part 1

As if the Deadheads United concert in Jerusalem Moe'tzi Shabbas wasn't enough, it was time to take a musical road trip North.
Ultimate destination: Tzfat's annual Klezmer Music Festival.
First stop: pick up itennerant Jewish (but not Klezmerish) musican, fresh in from a gig in Turkey, at the Benjamina bus stop.
Second stop: pick up sound system in Zichron Yaakov - which quickly became perfect excuse to swim the rest of the day away at a beautiful secluded beach north of Hof Dor.
Swimming in the Medeterranian Sea, so far from anyone or anything, with only endless blue of sea and sky punctuated by rocky reefs and mossy flats upon which to explore, was a much-appreciated delightful treat.

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