Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow Day in Jerusalem

Took Jesse to the airport, where he flew away to America, land of hot and cold running comfort. Found the one and only Nesher "taxi" (a big cargo van which holds 10 people plus the driver) willing to go to Jerusalem in the snow. We drove behind a snow plow and a police car - literally the ONLY car on the icy road last night - until we climbed the hills ascending to the Holy City and saw....not "Jerusalem of Gold," but Jerusalem of White, all white, covered in a blanket of soft, falling snow. Then it HAILED on us as we were driving through Mea Shearim. The very few Hassidim who were in the streets (plastic covered Streimels and all) were hurrying home and being pelted by hail as well (just regular hail, not hail mixed with fire - although that kind should have been falling in Rehavia, at the residence of Prime Minister "Loser" Olmert). Finally the driver let me off at the Shuk, and I walked back to my apartment through the snow (normally a 5-minute walk, took me 15 minutes through wet and slush). Came home - no water, no heat. Everything frozen. Waiting for the plumber to come -again - and using a dust pan to shovel snow off of the porches.
Happy winter in Nachalot!

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