Sunday, February 3, 2008

Islamic Fascist Terrorists use Downs Syndrome women as Suicide Bombers - Surpassing Dr. Mengele!

In what can only be described as new heights in the lowest of the low, Islamic Fascist Terrorists strapped bombs onto the bodies of two women with Downs Syndrome and let them loose in a crowded marketplace, detonating them and killing 99 people in Iraq today.

They've used the poor. They've used their own children. Now they are using the disabled. Who's next?

If anyone had any small vestige or shred of doubt about the pure evil of this spiritual darkness, this ought to dispell any notions that we are dealing with a culture worse, if conceivably possible, than even the Nazis. Dr. Mengele himself would have been proud of the guy who masterminded using the disabled as unwitting suicide bombers.
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