Sunday, February 17, 2008

Calm Before The Storm

Spectacular, sunny and pleasant today in Jerusalem, cats and people are taking in the rays with a watchful eye on the skies, as we're expecting a 20 degree (Farenheidt, not that wierd Celcius thing) drop in temperature within 24 hours, followed by a snowstorm.
Even though we remember daily in our prayers that HaShem delivered us from Egypt, we still hang out in the land of Denial (de Nile -duh!), each in his or her own way. Today we're warm, tomorrow we're cold. Today we have "quiet" - the word we use to describe the absence of either terrorism or a full-out war - tomorrow we may, G_d forbid, have... noise. What do we do during the calm before the storm? Sit in the sun and sigh.

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