Monday, April 14, 2008

Tyuleem Season!

("field trip") of the season today with my Ulpan class, we went to Cesarea and Zichron Yaakov on what has been so far the hottest day of the year. At Cesarea all the "grown ups" were doing grown-up things, but I (and the one lone child who accompanied his mother) ran to the ocean to stick our poor tired very overheated feet into the wonderfully refreshing Mediterranean Sea.
At Zichron Yaakov (the 3rd of the "Moshavot," the "Mothers" of the Moshaveem from the first and second Aliyahs) we visited the cemetery, where our pioneers lay quietly waiting for their souls to be restored to their bodies. As one of the early pioneer mothers said when the Turks and then the British tried to drive them out:
"We'll eat the stones if we have to, but we aren't leaving."
Amen, sister!

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