Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Presumptive Close

From my rear balcony in Nachlaot I watched the helicopters fly from the east across central Jerusalem to the Knesset. Following high in the sky, the security blimp (not pictured here for security reasons) which follows President Bush everywhere he goes.
On TV I watched President Bush address the Knesset, live on Israeli TV, International CNN, Fox News and Al Jazeera. His strong admonition to not allow Iran, "the principal sponsor of terrorism in the world," to develop nuclear weapons received a standing ovation. His easy use of Biblical quotes ("light unto the nations") and characters ("Abraham Issac and Jacob") combined with a stunningly spot-on ability to ignore the obvious (Prime Minister Olmert about to be indicted on fraud and bribery charges) made his delivery of the presumptive close all the smoother: the creation of a Palestinian State on Jewish land is a pre-supposed conclusion, a done deal - "would you like fries with that?" He never deviated for even a moment from the presumption that a two-state solution is the universal desire of all "Democratic" and "free" peoples.
Meanwhile the Attorney Generals office conducted more raids on Jerusalem's city hall to uncover documents relevant to the Olmert investigation. Al Jazeera criticized George Bush's speech as ignoring the "suffering of the Palestinian people" and accused him of picking on Iran unfairly.
In Ashkelon workers are still digging through the rubble of the mall which was hit by a Grad missile (or is that rocket? Rocket or missile?) yesterday. The family of a 70-year old woman killed by a Katusha rocket earlier this week are still sitting Shiva for her at their home on the kibbutz where she was blown to bits.
The presumptive close - is it a done deal? Are we sold just because we're told the sale has already been agreed on?

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