Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why Electing Hillary Could Save The World

Al Jazeera (the English-language satellite news channel broadcasting world-wide) LOVES Barak Obama.
While that fact comes as no surprise (and should be kept in mind by American votes when they step inside the comfort and privacy of their polling booths), what is telling is that Al Jazeera can barely contain it's hatred of Hillary Clinton. That should give one pause before casting a vote. If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, than... who's your daddy, America?
My theory about the Arab world's unmasked hostility towards Mrs. Clinton is that the idea of a irrational, possibly demon-possessed unclean thing such as a female - would be the most powerful leader in the Western World and have her hormonally unbalanced and yet perfectly manicured finger ("Fire engine red!") on the literal button - the one that can blow up the world, yes that button, profoundly disturbs them. Profoundly. Almost to the point of distraction.
The best thing America can do to win the War on Terror is to elect Hillary Rodham Clinton to the U.S. Presidency. The Saudis, the Iranians, Al Quida, Hamas and Hezbollah will be unnerved beyond their ability to conceal revulsion, confusion and the misogynistic chauvinism which permeates Islamic fundamentalist societies like the smell of rancid cooking oil on a hot day in Damascus. It is at that moment of exposure and vulnerability we may be able to strike the fatal blow against the terror and darkness they are determined to inflict upon the entire world - don't be mistaken dear readers, the ENTIRE WORLD, not just the Middle East, Far East, Africa and Europe - they're coming for you in Atlanta, St. Louis, Topeka and Carson City too.

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