Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Over-Moisturized and Under-Medicated? Humidity Horror Stories!

Suddenly, Florida-like humidity has rudely invaded Jerusalem's normally very warm but dry summer days.
Remember, I'M A CALIFORNIA JEW. Not a New Yorker, not an East Coaster, not from the land of high humidity and low low bargain prices.
Basically, I don't know what to do. Everything seems damp and sticky. Including me. Is it possible I could be over-moisturizing during this weather anomaly? I don't know how to adjust myself to survive what I only hope and pray is a temporary glitch in the weather system...please G_d!
What I can't seem to stop doing is applying lotion. No matter how much I use, I need more. Chugging huge liter v'chetzi sized bakbukeem of water, throwing water all over myself, then feeling uncomfortably dry and needing...more lotion???
I'm so miserable!!! Please make this weather stop or please make me wake up in an air-conditioned hotel room being served breakfast in bed and covered in orchid leis. That's the only way this weather is going to make sense.

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Tracie said...

It's the same here in California....could there be such thing as Global Humidifying?