Sunday, August 3, 2008

United Nations - Beneficent Bestower of candies or Wicked Stepmother? You Be The Judge!

Who does the U.N. think it is, and why do WE tolerate its existence?

When I was a child in the American public school system, we collected pennies (yes we used to have pennies), nickles, dimes and even quarters for UNICEF during Halloween. Poor little children in Africa and other far-away places would be able to have candy and treats, just like us. We were programmed from childhood to associate the U.N. with sweetness, kindness and charity.
Kids, if you thought Halloween was scary, the most frightening web site I've yet discovered is the Jewish Virtual Library's' General Assembly Resolutions Related to Israel and the Middle East.

Beginning at the first U.N. Resolutions regarding Israel in May 1947 through today, each and every one of the U.N. Resolutions regarding the Jewish State is virulently pro-Arab and is the political equivalent of Cinderella's Wicked Stepmother telling her she may of course attend the Grand Ball, but only if she finishes in one day a chore list that would take a week to execute, and sew her own dress (with no materials provided).

In the ongoing saga of the modern State of Israel, the Wicked Stepmother (U.N.) never dreamed that the poor little Jewish State would survive her list of outrageously Sisyphean demands. The Wicked Stepmother never counted on the Fairy Godmother Factor in the story, and the United Nations never really expected Divine Intervention in Israel's fate.

Read them and weep, the U.N.'s resolutions, beginning with the 105 & 105 in 1947 and continue as far as you can (at least until 181 on November 29th 1947) until you are too nauseous to continue. The kind of nausea you get when you eat too many Halloween candies.
Like Cinderella, whose salvation from poverty and domestic servitude - IN HER OWN HOUSE, if you recall the story - her father had died and her Wicked Stepmother took over Cinderella's own home and property, making her a slave - came in the form of Prince Charming, we the Jewish People in the modern State of Israel too await our Prince Charming.

The Jewish Prince Charming is our Messiah, so as we sing "Someday my Prince will come, some day he'll call for me" remember when he comes we will be transformed from interlopers in our own land into Queen of the Realm.

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