Thursday, March 27, 2008

Purim - Truth and / or Consequences

We had 3 days of Purim in Jerusalem this year because of the calendar anomalies plus the fact that we live in a "walled city," thus qualifying and compelling us to celebrate "Shushan Purim" as well.

Everyone is still walking around with Purim hangovers and evidence of various Purim injuries - limps, bruises, black eyes, etc. - can be seen beneath both black hats and white kippot.

I came as my True Self, a.k.a. a work of art. Magic wand, disco-glitter Mickey Mouse ears and all. Drank only wine but still managed to give myself a headache.

Masks came off. Truth was revealed. True Selves were revealed and some of it was just plain scary. I officially lost a friend who, when unmasked, was exposed as an unrepentant dishonorable traitor. I mourn the loss of the "ideal" while still in shock over what is truly "real."

But as for me, I still believe in magic...and always will. NO MATTER WHAT.

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