Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cameron Kude comes to Israel!

Cameron Kude - age 20, youngest of my four children, became the FIRST family member to come to Israel for a visit! Cameron arrived in early May and plans to stay until mid-June, soaking up the Israeli vibes and checking out his Mother's new and improved lifestyle and environment.Cameron officially becomes the first visitor but thank G_d not the last. Lifelong best friend and unindicted co-conspirator Amy Wachtel is on her way, due to arrive tomorrow - just in time to join 100,000 other people who are decending / ascending upon Jerusalem within the next 24 hours to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the re-unification of Jerusalem.Somehow all of us are going to miraculously fit into my small one-bedroom apartment. No, not all 100,000 of us, just Cameron, Amy and myself. A bed, a couch, an air mattress. It's Jerusalem. Everyone gets a place to sleep.RE: VISITING ISRAEL: COULD YOU BE NEXT? El Al flies direct from LAX now. Frequently a round-trip ticket can be had (with good planning and a cooperative El Al sales agent) for under $1500. THINK ABOUT IT!

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