Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Twas the Night Before Jerusalem Day..."

Tonight is Erev Yom Yerushalyem (the night before Jerusalem Day). I was downtown with Cameron - my 20 year-old son who is visiting me here in Israel - and we got caught in a parade featuring a long lineup of...TRACTORS. It was like the tractor drivers unions from across the country and it's possible they may have been in the parade because it was those tractors that mowed down Arab buildings in the Old City and East Jerusalem when the Hand of G_d moved to deliver Jerusalem into Jewish hands 40 years ago today.
And that's what we're celebrating today - an open miracle, the re-unification of Jerusalem, the Eternal Capitol of the Jewish People. G_d literally unleashed His Heavenly Host to deliver the land to us.
And what have we done for HIM lately?

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