Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tell Olmert: Get Out!

"Tell Olmert: Get Out!" is the message, being delivered by about two dozen students who WALKED from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and are camping out on the sidewalk in front of Prime Minister Olmert's residence, which happens to be right up the street from where I live. They're living on the sidewalk, sleeping in tents they set up in front of the retaining wall which guards protect Olmert, whose failure of leadership is a well-known fact within Israel. Now that the Winograd Report detailing the extent of his incompetence has been released to the public, it's also a well-known fact to the rest of the world.
The students are very polite and well-behaved. They came on Friday afternoon and spread out their blankets, tents, folding tables and sleeping bags, and commenced to make Shabbat right there on the sidewalk, complete with candles, wine and kiddush. They have no plans to leave until Olmert resigns. Tonight (Sunday night) they're still there, but so are two large armoured police vans, perhaps waiting for the order to clear the streets. Meanwhile, regular Israelis just walking through the neighborhood are all stopping to talk, argue, sign the petition, and argue again - but in the end, there seems to be a sense of resignation, as if to say: what can we do?
Well, what CAN we do? What these young University students have done: take action. Get out there. Sit on the sidewalk. Attract attention to the issue just by their presence - do something, anything, just to let the Government know: we think you stink! Get Out!

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