Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ahmadinejad's Penis Envy

Poor, poor Iranian President Ahmadinejad has so much latent anxiety about his apparently monumental masculine shortcomings that he has spent the last two days furiously firing his toy missles into the Persian Gulf in his own personal version of male penis envy. Wikipedia states: While not the same kind of penis envy as that typically referred to in psychoanalysis, the phrase "penis envy" or "small penis syndrome" is also sometimes used to describe the envy of a male over another male's penis. Although this subconscious or conscious envy may solely be based on the idea that a larger penis is universally more satisfying and appealing to a sexual partner, other implications arise from the fact that a large penis has been seen in many cultures as a symbol of high masculinity, dominance and power. While this whole matter has probably always been a part of human psychology, recent developments have made the issue slightly more public in the western world."
Note to Iran - normally when a group of women watch a guy drive by in a hot red sports car we shake our head and say, poor guy. He must have a really tiny penis.
Et tu, Mahmoud?

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