Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stop Blaming Jewish Mothers!

Certain members of the Israeli Government has recently taken to invoking our sacred tribal icon, The Jewish Mother, in a desperate attempt to justify their foolish, dangerously suicidal decisions.
National Religious Party chairman and Knesset Member Zevulun Orlev said upon hearing the Shalit family was petitioning Israel's High Court to block the recent tahadiyeh (Arabic for a temporary ceasefire) with terrorists in Gaza: "Today every Jewish mother knows that the government of Israel has abandoned Gilad Shalit to his fate as part of a false 'calm."
Speaking of the deal to exchange a live murderer for the bodies of two murdered Israeli soldiers, Orlev said: "The approval of the deal transmits an important message, that every Jewish mother will know that the State of Israel will never abandon its soldiers...even if the government failed in its management and even if there were justified and weighty reasons to oppose the deal, now, once the decision has been made, we must line up behind it, put aside all of the arguments and embrace the families of the hostages."
Wait a minute mister...I'm a Jewish Mother and I don't see the logic of your using my heart and soul - which is the heart and soul of the Jewish People itself - to justify excusing the Israeli Government's ineptitude, cowardice and shameful double-dealing which has resulted in the return of hundreds of vicious murderers and high-profile convicted terrorists being released back into the open arms of Arab politicians and world media hailing them as heroes in exchange for the remains of two of our boys who we knew with certainty were in fact dead.
The kidnapped Israeli soldier who has become our collective son, Gilad Shalit (who in fact may actually still be alive, G_d willing), has been tossed around like a hot potato between Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, Egypt, Islamic Jihad, Al Aska Matyrs Brigade, and all the rest of the home-grown garage band-like gangs that roam our hood with arms bought and paid for with American tax dollars (hello, is anyone listening???).
Two questions: 1) Anyone remember Entebbe? 2) Don't we have a time-release poison we can put into the terrorist's food before their release that will kill them within 72-96 hours?
Please, please wake up and smell the challah baking. Yes we go to the ends of the Earth to rescue and retrieve our soldiers. Let's do that again instead of ensuring that more soldiers - and probably civilians as well - will be kidnapped in the future.
Consider this an official "cease and desist" warning: cease and desist from referring to Jewish Mothers when speaking about your own lack of will, morals and in general, beytsim. We didn't cut them off, you did that yourselves with a fountain pen when you signed the Oslo Agreement and every subsequent "peace" deal from then until now.
Now go to your room and think about it before dinner.

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