Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Barak Obama's Bar Mitzvah in Israel!

Whoever coached BARAK OBAMA on what to wear to his upcoming BAR MITZVAH at the Kotel should be congratulated. White silk kippah, blue and white striped tie, dark blue suit - he's picture-perfect for the big event!
Not only does he already have a Hebrew name ("Barak" means "lightning" in Hebrew and comes from the same root as the word "Baruch" which means "blessing," and was the name of one of the Judges in pre-Davidic Israel) but the Torah Portion he is scheduled to recite this week, Parshas Mattos, recounts how Moses gave the tribes of Gad, Reuven and half the tribe of Manasseh land on the East Side of the Jordan river as their inheritance (Numbers 32:33).

Be certain that when the Bar Mitzvah boy recites those verses the liberal press will be forced to shock the world with such headlines as: "Obama Advocates Expansion of Israeli Land into Jordanian Territory," while supposedly conservative media such as Fox News will probably spin it as "Obama Flip-Flops on Middle East Borders".
This unfortunate misrepresentation of Barak's Bar Mitzvah Parsha needs to be rectified before it gets out of hand. But don't look to the text of his Haftarah reading - Jeremiah 1:1-2:3, which contains the military deployment of pan-Euro / Islamic troops against Israel (1:14-15). The press will NOT know what to make of that!

Also pictured, being helped with the cantillation marks and vowels of his Torah text, Barak Obama with Ehud Barak, Defense Minister of Israel. For once, Ehud wasn't being DEFENSIVE, he was downright tickled to be able to help his Name-Twin - yes, BARAK! - ensure his pronunciation was Litvish-perfect, "just like we'd read it at The Meir," Barak was overheard saying. Which Barak? Oy, such a nachas-fest it was, this reporter can't even tell them apart!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet/heart: Barak means THUNDER not lightning...and Meir as a pun on Mir, if that is what it is, is at tad esoteric...but, all power to to you...