Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How Our "Big Kahunas" Dress For Success

Yesterday at The Temple Institute's headquarters in the Old City of Jerusalem, history was made as the first set of "Bigdai Kahuna" (Priestly Garments) was unveiled to the public and press. Modeling the garments was
The Temple Institute's own haberdasher (מלביש) Aviad Jeruffi, pictured here measuring Rabbi Nachman Kahane, who was officially the first Cohen to be measured for his own custom-made set of Priestly Garments. Also pictured is Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, Chief Rabbi of The Temple Institute, measuring Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Chief Rabbi of Ephrat and #2 Cohen to be measured for his own set "bigdai Kahuna." As Rabbi Kahane joked during the unveiling, "It IS a big day for the Cohanim" (play on words in Hebrew / English as "bigdai" ("bigdai Kahuna") means "clothing"). Rabbi Ariel measured Rabbi Riskin's head with the comment, "Azeh Rosh Gadol!" and everyone laughed in agreement, including Rabbi Riskin. Also present and pictured above was Rabbi Moshe Azman, Chief Rabbi of the Ukraine, whose presence represented the anonymous donor from Ukraine whose generosity helped finance the creation of the incredibly fine hand-made materials whose fabric makes up the beautiful garments, to be worn by all Cohenim (the Priests of the Jewish People) when the Holy Temple is rebuilt (may it be speedily and in our day). In the mean time, Cohens world-wide can order their very own hand-made customized Priestly Garments and keep them ready for the day - which G_d willing will be at hand soon - by contacting Yehuda Glick, Director of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem at (052) 476-7495 (from within Israel) or from the U.S. at 972+524767495.

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We can certainly confirm HaRav HaHacham Yisrael Ariel's humility in the photo.

We can see some other things as well.